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Lilja Björk Hermannsdóttir is an Icelandic actress and moved to The Netherlands in her late teenage years. Having had the opportunity to work on an international level with very diverse theater directors and creators, she has gained a vast stage experience.

Lilja followed a dance and performance education, although another urge and passion soon took over: the acting. After her graduation from a theater school, her potential and diversity as an actress came to full expression.

To expand her knowledge and skills, she regularly participates at diverse acting master classes (eg. Judith Weston, Sanford Meisner technique, and Mark Travis and Peter de Graef).
She fluently speaks Dutch, English, German, French, Luxemburgish, Spanish and of course Icelandic.

Lately Lilja starred in television series as "De Fractie", "Van God Los", "Overspel", "Feuten" and in the feature film "Valentino" (with Najib Amhali).

On stage she played in Samir Akika’s "Lilja", the lead role character "Alfred Jodokus Kwak - Lachen verboden", two summers on the theatre festival the Parade and in Heike Langsdorf’s "an stelle und dort".

In 2014 and 2015 Lilja staged her solo performance "Call, Girl" at DITS (Red Light District) directed by Irene Schaltegger. Reviews for the play here. Further is she developing her writing skills through letter writing, scenario and theater texts. She is often approached to assist directing theatre- and art performances. Since this year she is teaching improvisation class to the students of the National Ballet Academy / Hogeschool vd Kunsten Amsterdam.

At the moment Lilja is working on a new short film. The shooting will take place in autumn 2016. Furthermore she is acting in two new theatre productions which will both premiere in 2017. She is also working on her own new piece.
For more information read Lilja's BIO and CV.